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Self Bound 

Aerial Rope Art



Self bound classes are inclusive of all genders, sexualities and bodies. Self Bound classes are an 18+ only environment. 


Self suspension isn't about creating specific forms or shapes, it's about using rope as a tool to express yourself and come home to your body. My dream is to create a self-suspension space where I can help you find ties and rope-experiences that are safe AND feel good and work for YOUR body. Our bodies are not all the same and so the way we tie will not look the same either. 

Self-tying for me, is less about specific forms and more about being present and creating sensations in your body. So, whilst I will be teaching some harnesses and forms, you will also be encouraged from your very first class, to create unique self-tie scenes.

Get in contact or book a class to start your self-tying journey with me. 

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Hi, I'm Jen! I've been exploring my love of self-tying and self-suspension for almost 3 years now. I am a rope switch and in addition to self-suspension, I am also a rigger (someone who ties other people), and a rope bunny (someone who is tied by others)

Self-tying is a meditative and self-connective practice for me. I do not see myself as an expert in self-suspension, but I finally feel at a place in my rope journey where I feel confident helping people begin their own exploration with rope. Teaching rope will be a new adventure for me and I hope that my students and I can learn something new together. 

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